Any suggestions on $2000 pc build

Here is what I have so far I just need any suggestions on what I should get that is better than the parts I have chosen. I will be mainly using the pc for gaming and video rendering and editing. I will be playing at 1080p but will be going to a higher resolution later on (after I get a new monitor.) and I want to play at max settings on all games with a decent fps. I will be overclocking the cpu and gpu. I am not changing the peripherals as I really like the ones I have chosen. I live in the uk and I’m buying from America as it is cheaper than buying from the uk.

any help will be much appreciated:)

I think with this budget a 2011 socket build would be a lot better.  Unfortunately I don't know enough about the 2011 socket and its product availability, so I can't help you much.  A Ivy Bridge based 6 core i7 would be a great CPU, though.