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Any suggestions for good hardware monitoring software for a professional environment?


Here at work, we’re about to do a lifecycle upgrade for our CAD/CAM and design machines. I want to know if you have any suggestions for a nice blend of monitoring software that I can use to get information on where to prioritize our spending, on the CPU, ram, GPU, etc.

Right now I’m just using task manager, HWMonitor, and MSI afterburner. Anyone have any good suggestions? My only criteria is that it’s lightweight and can be easily installed and then removed from the system.


I use CPU-Z and HWMonitor in portable mode and it works pretty well. No installation is a plus.


Don’t overcomplicate things:

Since you seem to only be looking at the small scale (not enterprise monitoring), I’d just recommend the basics: taskmgr (low update speed) and perfmon. Those will tell you just about everything you’d need to know.


That’s probably the best option.

That said, if you want to go ham, you could also do something with ELK and metricbeats.