Any suggestions for a decent laptop for college como sci major

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Anyways my budget is $300ish. I would like a larger screen and a good touchpad and keyboard. A processor that's good enough to handle some multitasking. If the laptop has ram dimms of ddr3 ram I can install 16gb from my old laptop. I also don't need to spend a lot of money on storage as I have an extra SSD or two lying around. If the laptop could have two sata slots one for SSD and one for a laptop hard drive that would be perfect.

I also really need it to have good Linux support.
Used, refurbished, etc is fine.

Thanks for the help!

Lenovo thinkpad.

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A lighter laptop would be better. This thing is almost 5 pounds.

thinkpad x1 carbon so.
Rules out some of the upgradability you want though.
Can't have cake and eat it.

Fair enough. It's not entirely mandatory. I suppose another requirement is for it to not too overly heavy. The reason I stated the fact that I had older parts to supply it with was as a possible money saving measure because I could buy a cheaper less specced laptop and upgrade those parts specifcally myself. Ie: good cpu, weight, etc but its the less ram and less hd space model.

Its a shame the way laptops are going in that sense, if you want the upgradability it's not going to be thin and light. Although I don't find a thinkpad t30 to be particularly "heavy"

Agree. These are good units that will actually last. Pretty durable, IMO.

That being said you can pretty much do compsci on anything lol

A chromebook would work well, you can also install Linux on them. (Which is what I assumed.)