Any Reccomendations?

Hey, so I'm helping a friend build a computer, because the one he has is really outdated. I've already built a list with the information he gave me, he just wants a computer that is mostly gaming; and I have this list, his budget is $500 and I slightly went over it, some of the parts he picked out himself, like the 16gb but I was thinking this could be cheaper, he still needs and os which he has chosen windows 7. I would appreciate your feed back, thanks.

OK changed two things
Intel because the value isnt there for am3+ and after some quick googling the i3 out performs the fx even though is a 2 core 4 thread
I know some wizards here can get you more bang for the buck but I would recommend these changes

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a few more things to think about.

  • What games does your friend play
  • will any parts from his old pc carry over (case, disk drive, HDD)
  • An SSD will really give you some perceivable performance gains

reduced memory to 8Gb and switched the storage to a 120Gb SSD and 1Tb HDD

Get a used system.

Hop over to craigs cunt and start looking. Haggle down the price an extra few bucks.

That could be hard with the way people price gaming pcs used, nearly what they cost new most of the time but really depends on the area.
Would get a used gpu for sure, seen some 960s for the price of the 370 would be a good boost.

When I upgraded one 7870k build with an intel SSD it came with software that made transfering her old SATA 1 HD to the SSD painless and easy.
I would check if there is a Microcenter nearby, they are great on CPU/MB combo deal, Also check out the open box deals on GPU's
Rather go with the AMD 400 series, even if it means skinping on the case or using the old one.....but thats me
What monitor is he using?
There are allot of sites that show how to make win 10 look like Win7. Win 10 has allot under the hood that I like.

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Well, his gaming library is quite small, but I guess he's planning to expand his library as soon as he gets his build, so this build is suppose to be able to handle future games.

If you want to stick with AMD you can pick up an AMD FX-8320E and ASUS M5A78L-M motherboard for $105 before tax. $95 after rebate.

It's a deal they've been running for months. CPU is $89.99 -- Buy a compatible motherboard and save $40 -- which brings the motherboard down to $14.99 -- and then there's an additional rebate for the motherboard that would bring it down to $4.99.

That's just it
There is no difference
While in my opinion, a gaming PC has an overclockable processor... that's not necessarily necessary.
Anything in the mid 3GHz and a halfway decent video card will game just fine, but not on ultra quality, etc.
Example for $470:
It'll play about anything on medium settings. Maybe sell the video card and get something better.

Or this one, just add a hard drive or SSD - $400

There are lots of options.

Man, i dont see deals like that in my area. Anythimg with a gpu is overpriced and called gaming though.
Used can be a hard sell sometimes, people want shiny and i understand that.

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