Any reason to buy a 240Hz monitor?

Is there any good reason to buy a 240Hz monitor? Is there a noticable difference between 120 and 240? I'm worried about the "diminishing returns" effect.


(Before anyone asks, yes, I can run quit a few games that I play at 240+ FPS at 1080p)

Maybe for 3D since it cuts the frame rate in half.

No there isn't.

I'm not even sure if DP/HDMI/VGA can run at 240Hz? But don't quote me on that one.

I mean I think 120Hz monitors are silly and I notice almost no difference so I'd say it is a waste of money.

Plus When you buy a 120Hz or higher monitor it is gonna be TN. TN sucks. Bad color and viewing angles. I'd take a 1440p 60Hz IPS display over a 120Hz TN display any day.