Any potential improvements to my build

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters and I hope I might yet say; comrades and friends.

I've been meaning to the join the community for a while but I've been lazy and kept putting it off. However as my knowledge and skills are a bit rusty in regards to PC building as of late I figured it'd be best if I asked some of you fine people for some advice on the build I'm currently working on for my friend. She's had the same crummy Dell laptop for like six years now and she's finally got a place of her own and I managed to convince her to get something that isn't a Mac or another laptop :). Main game she plays right now is World of Warcraft but she has been really keen to play skyrim for ages. 

The current build is this

The budget itself is within $1500 AUD, so around $1100 US. I still need to pick out a keyboard so any ideas there would be great! 

Any who I'm looking forward to all of your advice and potential improvements ^.^

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Also the quieter the case the better.

Well, the GTX 960 is an absolute joke spec-wise. An AMD R9 280 or 280X will blow it out of the water in pretty much any game. Looking on that site the R9 280 appears to be about $30 cheaper and the 280X is about $30 more expensive than a GTX 960. They also have an extra gigabyte of RAM, so if your friend wants to mod the heck out of Skyrim they will go much farther than the GTX 960 and its 2 GB of RAM. My GTX 770 cries playing modded out Skyrim for example.

That motherboard won't be able to overclock very well if it's desired. The 970 should be sufficient for the CPU at stock, but for overclocking a 990FX board would be best. The ASRock 990FX Fatal1ty appears to be the cheapest decent option for 990FX on that website, but somebody like MisteryAngel (if she sees this thread) would give better advice in that regard than I.

EDIT: If she wants to modify Skyrim she'll probably want an SSD at some point as well. The textures can take quite a while to load off of an HDD.

Other than those three things the build looks good to me.

This is what I'd build. Get a used CRT of at least 107KHz scanrate, 120KHz prefered, for the monitor.