Any other ThinkPad fans out there?

Just looking for other ThinkPads fans and if you are a ThinkPad fan/user what ThinkPad do you use?

When I use them I have a 600X and a transnote!

Wow you have a Transnoe? Those are pretty rare.

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Jup, declared member of the Thinkpad's witnesses - can I come in and talk to you about the black Notebook of perfection? ;-)

(z61, T62, W500, T520, T530, T440p, T540s)

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Nice, Have you ever experienced people that think one model of ThinkPad looks the exact same as another? I still go to school and i told people i was upgrading from my T61 and when I got my T420 people couldn't tell the difference.

I like thinkpads for the most part because they support GNU/Linux well, however. Dell are coming up quick on that point with active support for a few of their laptops for Linux, so that might change.


Jup; as they (what I like) are all black and boxy. But be honest, all MacBook Pros are silver with an apple ^^ so who cares.

I still like the keyboards and the nipple from the ThinkPads more though.

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Since you've used the tx40 series and earlier ones, can you tell me if the non-physical trackpoint buttons and the new keyboard and layout bothered you a lot? I'm kinda looking to buy a used x240 but heard some bad things about missclicks or unwanted mouse movements with the trackpoint buttons and the bigger touchpad.
edit: almost forgot to mention that thinkpads definitely are pretty awesome laptops

Heck ya the TrackPoint or "nipple" is probably the best part. I have yet to see another company do it as well.

To be honest.. the Tx40 series was the biggest pile of crap, it just had NO buttons for the mouse inputs.

The ones before the 40 series and after that are usable again; I would NOT buy a 40 series if you don't can or plan to swap the trackpad to one of the 50 series that has these buttons again.

The chicklet (island) style keyboard.. man I was sceptical, but I still love it; To be honest, it was not a tottaly painless transition, but after a view days its just as natural as it was before; I have the FN lock activated constantly though, as I want F1-12 be what they are ment to be F- keys.

tl;tr do not get a TP without buttons for the nipple, the keyboard still is superior

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Love my x1 carbon!!!

First time lenovo owner here. Bought the T430s refurbished about a year ago. It's great and I don't mind the chiclet style keyboard at all, it's better than the keyboard on any other laptop I've owned. Only complaint I have that cannot be blamed on it being refurbished, is that the case has deformed from it standing on a slanted surface. It's bending a bit upwards in the lower right corner, which is where the battery and the bay is, so it's where the frame is weakest. I plan to buy a new T4xx series in a year or so. Hope I can afford a quad core by then.

as of now except in the T4xxp series I do not know of any true quad core in the T4xx series. The top of the notch in the T450s e.g. is a i7 but U model that only as 2 cores and 2 hyper threads.

For how long did it stand on that slated surface? I mean cases have their weaknesses... some more tragic some less... i know of some of the hybrids with pens cracking where the pen is housed...

But a permanent deformation sounds odd, given that under the plastic is a magnesium alloy cage.

I am aware of this, one can only hope the T470 comes with a quad. However, I wasn't aware the p had quad, what's the selling point of the p? like a W5xx-series but in a 14" package?

Actually I cannot be sure that is why, as I often carry it in a backpack with heavy stuff. It's more likely that. It just so happens it stands on a cutting board that's deformed, and in the beginning it was a nuisance, but now it fits the surface. Probably a coincidence.

I e.g. previously had the 17" ones, as for the screen real-estate... but as they included the numpad, and discenterd the trackpad and keyboard therefore... I cant stand it XD

Yeah, the T4X0p is pretty much that, the 14" power house; quadcore + dedicated GPU as well; But not quadros or xenons.. so the W series as of lately got other benefits (certified drivers and stuff) it did not have in the past.

I've been evading numpads too, for this exact reason!

Okay.. hmm, now you got me thinking. I might just have a look at a p-series. Depends on my needs in a year of course. As of now I don't have a lot of money and is biking everywhere, so the lighter and cheaper the better, hence why I got the 14" slim one.

Light and thin - that's not the p series. The TDP has to go somewhere.
And cheap... not with I7 and dedicated GPU. A new one is ~ 1900€

I do have a problem... I can't use my transy for much tbh. I might sell it :P

Well, if everything goes to plan, I have a car and a proper income in a year, so the variables for choice might be different. Also, I thought that with the 14nm (and 10nm) the TDP would be lower, but of course not, in the no compromises lenovo department they'll just stuff more processing power in it.

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