Any one ever experince a fan to stop working on h80i or 100i?

just had weird issue on my threadripper, but before i begin i dont wont to hear about the h80i not being good enough for the cpu ( i know that but at the time of purchase there was not a whole lot of choice in the cooling dept. for the 1950x and besides im not running to far over clocked.)

so anyways the h80 has been doing its job at keeping the processor cool around 42 c and into mid to high 50s when ever its doing something intensive. (the temps are from corsair link)

so good enough, through out the months this has been up and running .

but for some reason yesterday the temps were in the high 50’s under no load .
regardless what was end tasked. and if i tried to do any thing they just kept climbing .
and stress test were no go as the temps would go insane above 80.

so getting to the point , has any one experienced the h series doing something similar to this? where its cooling just fine one day but then out of the blue its no longer cooling properly ?

my thoughts are that maybe one of the fans stopped working and or the pump was no longer circulating water, or some how the pump its self had become loose from the cpu.

all this seems not plausible since corsair link said the fan was spinning at 1800 rpm and the pump was spinning at 3100 rpm . (as per my custom setup, even running it in performance mode did nothing to cool it better. )

so after taking the machine down and inspecting it .

the pump is secure and and snuggly fit against the cpu.
both fans seem to spin freely .
and the connections are all good .

on startup and watching the machine run, the fans seem to blowing just fine. and i can feel fluid moving through the lines to the radiator and pump.

upon reboot the temps were back to normal and when i get back into windows the temps are also back at their normal running temps. (before taking the machine down i had did a complete power down and unplug for several minutes to see if that helped, which it did not)

so , what im looking for is anyone who has ever experienced an issue with the corsair h series of coolers doing something similar, and if so was it a precursor to a fan or pump failing ?.

because as of right now everything is working as expected and i have not seemed to have changed anything

only thing i did was spin the fans with my finger and recheck the fan headers to ensure they were all plugged in . (nothing seemed out of place)

any experience with similar situations would be appreciated .

cooling setup

corsair h80i
2 coolermasters jetflow 120’s controlled by the h80i

normal running temps 1950x 42c and 41c
h80i runs at 37

system clocked at 3700 1.3 volts 1.06 on the soc
memory at 2800 1.36v

Very curious indeed.

Maybe you had the sun shine against parts of the PC heating them up? I have that problem when I don´t put something between my PC and the window.

yeah, wish it was that easy to explain but its in a darkened corner with no sunshine lol …

still running normal so far, maybe a fluke or a warning sign i need to get a new cooler …

least now i have few more choices .

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