Any new band suggestion to a meshuggah fan?

Real big into meshuggah and whilst i will never pass it by just wondering what to listen to next type thing.only been listening to metal for just under a year so any obvious suggestions feel free to post em

depends on your specific tastes cause i listen to almost anything metal both mainstream and underground so some of the new bands i might sugest might not be to your liking

okay grindcore. hit me

not really into grindcore but the berzerker would be the closest thing i listen to even tho it's ago-tech\extreame metal

not a new band tho been around since 95 but still good imo

is that music? Its like seeing the reformation of anal cunt for their first show in a few years. I couldnt stop laughing.sorry nearly went to thiscalled anal c.u.n.t


More melodic and symphonic, but still...huge Meshuggah influences.

Try Periphery for some more math metal! \m/,