Any mistborn fans?

Any fans of the mistborn series? Well the initial trilogy, because that whole cowboy Waxillium thing was kind of out there. The world Sanderson creates is amazing. Its one of those books that you feel like you're there when reading it. I would constantly imagine everything taking place in a Morrowind setting. What really got me were the complete blind sides that are dished out throughout the series. Mysteries being flipped. Excellent insight into the internal mess behind politics. It was great.

I've been going through his other books. I read Elantris. I am finishing up The way of Kings. So far I haven't experienced the same WTF moments that blindsided me in the Mistborn Trilogy. I have warbreaker sitting on my shelf. Its next in line.

Has anyone here read the mistborn books? Any book you'd recommend?

I recently read the Mistborn Trilogy... Very good.  Finished up The Way of Kings.... which took some getting into.  It gets a LOT better closer to the end as things start to come together.  Very much a Slow moving book. Had me going... IS THERE A SEQUEL YET!?  Unfortunatly it is the first out and nothing else has yet been written.   Anyway... Yes I loved the Mistborn series and would love to have the powers of an Allomancer!  If you want other good stories... check out the Dresden files.

Yeah, The Way of Kings took me a while to get through. It does pick up and being such a long book I was hoping it wouldn't just end unresolved. I also read Elantris - didn't like that one much. I'm now reading Warbreaker and its much better. Reminds me a bit of Mistborn. Oh and I also got through Mistborn Alloy of Law - the westernesque continuation to Mistborn trilogy that is happening decades after. It was alright but didn't have that same feel. 

I'll check out Dresden files - Warbreaker will only last me another week.  

Im halfway done with the hero of ages, and i gotta say i love Mistborn! also finished  Way of kings a cupple of weeks ago, and i cant wait untill highprince of war comes out!

A New one by Brandon Sanderson that's got 2 books in the series already is Steelheart! It was amazing! He created another amazing world based on ours if people randomly started getting powers. I've read both books out and they are amazing. The second book is called firefight.
The second book in the Stormlight archive is out as well now (Has been for a bit) and it was AMAZING. The ending did the same thing as the first and had me going.... IT BETTER NOT TAKE 3 YEARS FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!
There's a ton of good books out there and if you guys want some other suggestions feel free to ask.