Any linux gamers out their?

Hey guys I've been watching tek syndicate, and lurking in the forums for a while now but only recently got into gaming. I run arch Linux and I wanted to know, what your favourite games for Linux are?

I haven't played very many games thus far but these are the one I've enjoyed (oddly all valve games)

  • Half-Life
  • Half-Life 2
  • Portal
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Portal 2

There are games on linux?

Yes.. yes there are. Check on the Linux section on Steam. Plus there are a few indie games and "free" games like Xonotic.

failfish... just a little bit

SteamOS? Yes there are games on Linux and they are becoming popular quite quickly. 

I have Linux installed now and in the past, but I never gamed on it. I have a version of SteamOS installed and still I have not gamed on it. I only briefly played Mineraft a few years ago. I must get back to it as I have a large enough collection of Linux games now.

Got any favourites of your Linux games.

GOG has just started releasing a bunch of their games for Linux.

They appear to be providing .deb files compatible with the most recent LTS Ubuntu and Mint, as well as tarball archives.

Euro Truck Simulator 2. Very seriously. XCOM Enemy Unknown, also Valve games in general. Just for a shortlist.

I love that CIV 5 supports linux now. I already experience, that I boot less often to windows than before. In fact I tend to buy new games only if they are available for linux (but this also has to do with the amount of unplayed games I own)

I saw this yesterday, pretty hyped for then to get some more games available

World of Tanks, Wildstar, and Star Citizen all work on Linux (Mint 17 - 13.5.2 Kernel)

I've been trying to get into Sins of a solar empire more, it works on linux.  I haven't booted into my windows drive in about 3 weeks!

do you run sins of a solar empire in wine ?

I saw pistol playing wild star the other day and seemed like a bit of a grind, do you enjoy it. Oh and i completely forgot about start citizen i need to buy for the hype if nothing else.

added civ 5 to my wish list looks pretty fun

I like it - but I doubt I will be a long term subscriber.  Its definately worth a look, has funny as hell dialogue and lots to do - its just not for everyone.

As far as Star Citizen goes - If your on the fence  - I would buy now rather than later.  Things seem to become more expensive over time.  It does suffer terrible from feature creep though and I doubt it will make its 2015 deadline for release.   Starting to look more like LATE 2016 at the earliest.

Star Citizen?
How do you make this work. Wine?

Oh - that was particularly poorly worded by me - Star Citizen has been confirmed for Linux but no there is no build yet, no eta and until DX11 works in WINE it will not run that way either