Any Kyuss fans out here?

Found them today on Youtube(Duh) and I actually like them!

I've never been a die hard fan of metal, hardcore, etc. but i'm really getting into it!
If anyone has some bands they could advise me, post them here!

Looking forward to it!



Kyuss is good, also check out Down, Crowbar and Saint Vitus.

Sleep,Fu Manchu,Eagles of Death Metal,Truckfighters,1000mods,Clutch.


Check out their song Demon Cleaner if you haven't already.

Oh man all my favourite bands up in this thread.

My suggestions: Red Fang, Beastwars (aka metal Kyuss), Gandhis Gunn, Grizzly Knows No Remorse, Komatsu, Low Gravity, Stoner Train

I'll put this here also if you wanted to listen to any of those for free...

Also Sheavy (aka I can't beleive it's not Sabbath).

I personally like this one better:

I'm also a big QOTSA fan though, with this one as the best number by far (with the live version of You Can't Quit Me Baybe from Over the Years And Through The Woods as a close second):

These may also interest you:

Also check out Lo-Pan and Acid King.

I'm actually doing a presentation on them tomorrow for class.

Such Hawks Such Hounds a documentary about the scene.


The Sword, Electric Wizard, Earthless, Torche are also worth checking out.

Dude, thanks for showing me beastwars.. i've had iron wolf and cthulhu on repeat.


:D glad to plug some metal from my country :)

Stoner doom?

you might also want to check out sleep