Any Javacripters want to help me with a TekSyndicate IRC bot?

So I started making a bot for the IRC channel. I know back in the day there was that "syndibot" but it seems to have disappeared, and it was in python which I am not so skilled in.

So I started using Github's hubot to make it. It is written in javascript and runs on NodeJS (I know, I was incredulous at first). There are a crapload of already written scripts for it, and the API to write your own scripts is pretty simple. I do however hate coffeescript with a passion so everything I've done so far is done in vanilla JS.

Here's what the bot can do so far:

  • greet people when they greet the room
  • show a list of the latest videos
  • tell everyone when a new video is released (I'm not sure if this works properly)
  • tell you the latest video when you ask it (this doesn't quite show the latest)

What I want it to do:

  • print out tweets of Tek Syndicate staff live
  • show the title of Youtube links posted
  • give wiki links when you say wiki me
  • be aware of the different Youtube channels (i.e. tekbot, whats the latest linux/enterprise/inbox video?)
  • print out notification when any of the Tek Syndicate staff start streaming on Twitch
  • print a link to a new site article when it is published

I'm sure you guys can think of some more features we can implement. There does need to be a new name as tekbot and syndibot are already registered on freenode.

If you want to help, let me know your username on Github and I will add you with collaborator access. I have a Digital Ocean VPS voucher that I was going to use to run the IRC bot from, this could give us a centralized location to have the code pushed to and the bot restarted whenever there is a change to the Github repo.

If we pull this off well, it will be like Tek Syndicates own little personal assistant and hopefully draw more people into the IRC channel (it's pretty empty in there). And hopefully the staff will ditch the Youtube live stream chat swill and use IRC when streaming instead.


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The official channel is #TekSyndicate on EFNet:

The channel already has a bot but it doesn't do what your bot does (show videos and tweets) so I guess there can be room for another one.

Also the #TheTek channel may be used for the live stream if they get it worked.

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Yea I was in the channel on freenode which I why I thought it was quite empty in there. Still, the more the merrier. I just don't have all that much time to develop this bot.