Any interest in custom Apple eclosures/cooling solutions

Apple’s computers tend to run into thermal limitations in almost every design they push out. The hackintosh is one way around this but then you have to worry about future software support. So here is what I am asking: If i bought an apple product and then built a custom case around it and fitted it with a better thermal design, would a macOS poweruser be interested in it? Obviously the mac is already expensive, so a mark up for profit and custom materials would only make it even more expensive. However, you could blur the lines between a custom cooled mac and an a higher end model Apple sells. This is for the people that do actual work on their machines but prefer macOS.

If i did make an attempt at something like this i would probably start with the 10th gen core i7 Macbook Air that has the same chip as the 13 inch pro. Take the bottom off and put proper copper pipes, fans, maybe a new color finish, minimalist branding, etc. The air retails for $1650, while the pro is $2000. Thats $350 to play with for parts, labor, and margin. The T2 chip would never know anything had changed and so you would never run into any support issues on the software side. It would have to be thicker and louder. I think people want a fast, thicker, louder, mac option in both the desktop and laptop space.

Please poke as many holes in this idea as possible. I am seriously considering this. There is a youtube video titled “i liquid cooled my 2020 macbook air and it worked!” from Max Tech. It seems like a good proof of concept.

I am thinking that maybe the down the road a few iterations later, you could have a 2nd SOC that handled a 2nd small battery on a desktop rig that would have a custom cooling solution as well.

Also I googled around to read about overclocking on macOS and the only info I got was that the machine would run too hot. So is this even possible given that I give the mac some more headroom? Maybe a team could put together the software and hardware to make this happen? The guy from Max Tech in the video seemed to run into a locked frequency.

thanks in advance

Pretty sure that is incorrect.

with apples anal approach to anyone but their techs working on their machines(that’s right you just rent them)I’d be concerned some apple man in black might track you down and spank you!

no once your warranty period is up you can do as you want with it regardless of what they say.

You can do whatever the moment you get the thing. You just have to be ok with not having a warranty on it anymore.

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