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Any info on Epyc (on single socket mainboard) + Passthrough?


Hey L1Ts,

have you heard anything about the current status of virtualization with passthrough on Epyc systems? Any known irks’n’quirks akin to the Ryzen platform?

[edit]: just to clarify: I first had the ThreadRipper (running e.g. Proxmox) in mind and found Wendells live cast on youtube… loved it! But I’d feel even more comfortable having (verified) ECC functionality actually doing its job, especially when running ZFS underneath everything for storage (local, smb, iSCSI) and archive purposes with scrubs and replication. So I’d rather go the extra mile (in this case go for lower core frequency - but then again with even higher PCIe lane count (but who’s counting anyway?)).

Background / motivation: I’d like to build a testbed server with virtualization (and containers) that - as an aside - also runs my obligatory Windows workstation as a VM with GPU / sound passthrough. I am already running a Windows / Windows setup but I want to get rid of one of those. Unfortunately, my co-admins seem to be somewhat scared of that giant square black hole with that unsettling white blinking bar… I’m trying to convince them, bit by bit, that filling it with whiteness using their keyboards and a few commands can work miracles, but somehow up to this very day that remains an unfathomable concept to them.

So I want to at least set up my own little oasis in this desert of … uh, I just realized something: sand is more or less the stuff that glass is made of … and if you broke, smashed and ground glass, it would be (re)turned into something like sand … and windows are made using glass … and that image so much reminds me of … [peeking over my shoulder] uh, nothing really. And certainly not - heaven forbid - daily business here at the IT office! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: