Any idea why I get 60 fps (max on tv) and dip to 40 on skyrim? (no mods just bought it)

tAmd fx-8350 

Sapphire 7970 ghz edition 3gb vram

G.skill 8gb 1600mhz

Amd 970 mobo

To be honest  not sure if the parts are running at the speeds and everything their supposed to be, this is my first computer




Forgot to mention

This is @720 w/everything on ultra

sounds like vsync is on that would cap you fps at 60 and the 40 fps dip is probably when there is fire or something


Do you have VSync enabled? That would explain why you only get 60fps. The framedrops might be due to Skyrim being very badly written, running lots and lots of scripts in the background that are not needed/not optimized. There are 2 mods available attempting to fix this problem. Skyboost and TESV Acceleration Layer, but i don't know if they still work with the current version of Skyrim. I would try it but i don't have it installed anymore. You can find both mods here:

I understand what vsync is/slash how it works, my tv only does 60 so vsync is just fine

The reason I mentioned the 60 is that im probably able to get higher than 60 if vsync was off that being said how does 60+ drop like that? (when i start running around and looking around and such) i heard tge APUs can run skyrim well so an 8350+7970ghz should run great but I'll have to try out those and some other mods