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Any idea what game this is?


Does anyone have any idea what game is being referenced in this Usenet post from '89?

From: [email protected] (Jerry D. Pierce)
Subject: conquer4.2
Keywords: nomads
Message-ID: [email protected]
Date: 15 Jul 89 01:55:56 GMT
Organization: Pacific * Bell, San Ramon, CA

As someone was pointing out, nomads are very difficult to even
get into a fight. Someone else pointed out that you can surround
them and force them to fight. I’ve found that nomads don’t seem
to be affected by zones of control and even if they are boxed
in on all 8 sides by your armies will sometimes wind up in a
free square at the beginning of next turn. (And your armies
will have to scramble and try to surround them again…)

And how easy is it to surround a 600-800 man nomad army with
armies of comparable strength? Pretty hard. (If not impossible)

In other news, I found that the monster names in data.c need to
be shortened to 7 characters, otherwise the screen display will
do a wrap-around when you summon creatures like elementals or
gargoyles and mess up the map display. This bug report has been
forwarded to Adam Bryant.

Additional bug, which we havn’t nailed down yet: A player was
creating a new country and started out with 10,000 population.
I happened to enter the game with my nation right after he
completed conqrun -a and got an error message which showed
that Conquer 4.2 was complaining that there were -1655 civilians
at sector x,y. I immediately logged in as god and found that
the sector referenced was this players capitol! It appears that
the game gave him too many squares to populate and hit a negative
number somehow. And yes, we do have players who start out with
more than 10,000 populations, so I know that’s not the problem.

Jerry Pierce

The subject notes “conquer4.2”, and I thought maybe it was a MUD precursor to Command & Conquer (Westwood was formed in '85) but C&C doesn’t pop-up until '93 and was released in '95, and the precursor to that was Dune II ('92).

Absolutely any ideas?



So far: Turnbased Strategy, not real-time. Network functionality in 89 (i assume from his report on “entering” a game another person created).
I was thinking about Xconq maybe, but he mentioned nomads getting boxed on all 8 Sides, which implies the fields are quare, not hexagonal.

Also, the reference to creatures like elementals or gargoyls rules out 99% of Turn-based stategy games, as they are set in a military past/present/future. We are looking for something medieval/fantasy.

Sadly no Platform is mentioned. The Wiki List for Turn-Based games before '89 is pretty short.
In the end, we aren’t even sure if this ever got a public release.

Interesting thing though. I’ll keep looking a bit.

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Yeah, it’s probably long gone. It’s hard enough finding servers still running Trade Wars.

Would be a good find though!



Noticed that there was a reference to a command utility “conqrun”, so searched for that figuring if there was any info on the internet about it, it would likely have information about the command utilities as well…

looks like it.



Oh brilliant, thank you!