Any idea how run xigncode3 anticheat for games (black desert online)

Hello. I am looking to switch from windows to linux but before that I want make sure that games I mostly play are running at linux. And before the switch I tried to do some research about running Black Desert Online mmorpg game on linux but was not able to find any video about it. Probably it is because of xigncode3 anticheat. According to some people who commented in proton website they said game don’t launch because of anticheat. So my question is can I somehow bypass xigncode3 or how to run it? is there any solution there?

AFAIK there isn’t a way to bypass this hence why the game is Windows ONLY.

Since this is an MMO I highly doubt that the dev will ever produce a *nix version :frowning:

If you have the hardware and Linux skills for that, it works fine in a Windows passthrough VM, and there’s plenty of tutorials on how to do that on this forum.

Careful with virtualizing anti-cheat software, as their entire point is to detect modifications and running a game in a VM definitely counts as one. Best to do this if only to gain academic knowledge rather than actually playing the game on Linux as this is technically breaking their terms of service.

I’ve never heard of anyone getting banned for virtualizing BDO, I’ve done it for long periods of time. I mean, I can’t garantee it, but I don’t think they care to make that bannable.