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Any hope left for my dead raid?

Any chance to save my raid 6 so I can recover a few VMs?

the last drive was online, i turned it off. seems when i touched the power button on of my drive in my 5x drive enclosure it powered them all off!!! (except the one) the raid card did not like that!

it’s a Dell H700, i found directions but, for Intel Raid card.

Does that mean you got it sorted?

This is the sort of thing that always made me paranoid about RAID cards when I used them back in the day. If you didn’t purposely run them through various failure states before you started using them you’d sometimes be in for a treat on a drive failure as you bumble through their “UI”. I mean when the prospect of ruining your array by mistake enters your mind and the desire to do a full backup manifests, a RAID card is probably not doing it’s job very well. I mean you should always have a proper backup no matter what raid solution you’re using. But you shouldn’t be worried about losing your array just swapping in a new disk.

Anyways, testing your RAID cards recovery features is like testing that your Backup recovery plan works. You should do it. That said a lot more can go wrong so you have to be prepared to rebuild the whole damn thing if it goes south. Not to mention you can’t really be blamed if this is a system you took over from someone else or such. Weekends? What are those, right?


it is not as of yet,

will see if i can get the one last drive to show up but, it appears i can import the foreign array and all should be good. Also this should have been a RAID 10 AND i should have used a better quality enclosure OR powered off the system and went in to raid configuration utility BEFORE trying to turn on the drive that appeared powered off.

My other system doesn’t have an enclosure and has a raid 10 i can yank and install drives as i please LIVE, also a PERC H700. Rule of thumb if RAID, RAID 10 ALWAYS! unless it’s say a C drive on your gaming PC then a RAID 1 or 0 is okay so long as you back up.

Well, cool at least you got a plan to fix it. Hope it works for ya.

Yeah, when I was younger I felt that 10 was too wasteful storage space wise, but then I was often told to do the impossible on the budget I was given. Nowadays I do pretty much nothing but striped mirror sets. It’s raId after all. Not to mention the read speeds.

well that’s a positive turn

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Indeed. Got it imported in. Dat progress though. So fast :stuck_out_tongue: Well I suppose you could have taken this the very moment it started rebuilding… but I doubt it.

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Hey, what does this button do? Reaches out hand



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yeah with cheaper drive enclosures just wait to reboot in to the raid config utility and see what drives show up or don’t.

^ Drive to the left is OFF ^

here was the problem and it was indeed a problem!! One of the drive was off for what ever reason. the raid isn’t claiming any heath issues with any drive yet.

Those blue lights ARE POWER BUTTONS! Except this enclosure doesn’t support hot swap PER-SAY, if you cycle ANY drive they ALL power cycle!!!

EDIT: On the first page you highlight the top level of the tree aka high light the raid card, press “F2” go down the menu to “Foreign” choose import. The one drive had been off for a while if i had to guess, needed rebuilding. NOTE: I turned that last active drive back ONLINE before importing the array. it didn’t seem to mind.

Who wouldn’t want to bring their whole raid down with one button? So efficient… in it’s destruction.

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So those 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" enclosure aren’t exactly cheap i nabbed this model under $100 but, i guess you get what you pay for. You… or I didn’t think it was all that advanced of a technology with it’s LEDs, hinges and latches but, i understand what some of the negative reviews are crying about now. i guess other units are all or mostly metal but, over $100 i think. maybe all of these 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5"units suck?

That was my impression of them in the past (10-20 years ago). Even the ones that had decent build quality sometimes had problems with Linux support. Thus I was nervous to try any without a review. I had hoped they were better these days. Maybe someone has had a better experience? One can only hope. I hadn’t looked into it recently as I wasn’t in the market and got out of doing support work.