Any Guild Wars 2'ers out there?

Hello everyone!

I'm interested to find out if there are a good amount of people on here who play GW2? If so, does anyone have an interest in starting up a Tek Syndicate guild? We could start a roster on this thread before creating it.

I think it would be pretty good fun - let me know your thoughts!

Haven't logged on in ages. Might have to do that before I sleep, just so I don't have to wait for all the updates lol.

They tend to frequently update the game, and they're not typically small updates. I had a pretty long break from it but when I came back there was so much added content and bug fixes. Also I got a computer capable of playing it maxed @ 60FPS! It's been hugely improved.

i havent played in a while, and havent really played at all, i have maybe an hour total into it, keep meaning to play some but always get sucked into something else


I never really had time to play it until now... I'll definatly go out and buy a copy if we can get a group started here.

I play it a fair bit. Problem is people are all on different servers and i doubt that hey will want o pay the transfer fee.

I think I am on dragonbrand, or dragon something anyways.

It's worth picking up!

I don't even know what server I am on myself, I'll check that out later tonight but there should be something we can work out.

What are your character names?

Bought the game after a friend talked me in to it. The first MMORPG I ever played. I like the game overall. The environments are beautiful and huge, tons of things to do and kill. That dynamic quest/event system is both an engaging fun part of the game, and sometimes a complete fucking nuisance! I like how there's always things to do when you're out and about, but sometimes, like when you're trying to get somewhere far off, all that dynamic shit gets in the way and slows you down. 

Hardest part of the game for me: naming your character. Jesus tap-dancing christ! Every single damn name I tried was taken! Ended up with "toolazytofindaname" for my main character, and "Name blahblahblah" (or something like that) for my second character.

Haha yes! Naming a character always takes way longer than it should.

Btw, I'm on the server: Isle of Janthir.

And the guild name 'Tek Syndicate' is taken already! I must know who has the guild.

I play occasionally, but there's not very much to do end game. I love the avatar I created but there's like nothing to really do at end game.
Norn is one of my favorite races of all time in mmorpgs so I wish there was better end game stuff to do.

Do I know you from OCN? You're always ranting about politics in the OMPT.


Politics? Nah. I rant about people's stupidity, and yes That's me on OCN. :P

also that's offtopic, this is about guildwaaaaarrzzz two.

I just got the game on thursday and sunk in around a day's worth of play time over the weekend. I plan on remaining fairly active, as I don't really have much of a social life since entering the post-college job scene. I'd be interested in a Tek Syndicate guild if someone is going to make one.

I'm on Dragon Rend.

I play on Blacktide (Europe), level 59 Necro Norn.

i was thinking of buying the game so i may be interested

I have three characters:

Human Elementalist 56

Norn Guardian 55

Norn Ranger 27

Say if you guys are having trouble with starting and/ or running a TS guild, I would absolute throw open my guild for fresh members or a guild merge. It's called Pew Pew Kittens and its based in Ferguson's Crossing. If you want to join but can't really afford a transfer we can help. You can find my guild at:

Now that's out of the way, my ING is "Karen Chan" as 80 ele.