Any GPUs For A Guy With A 300$ Budget?

Hey, I'm about to drop 300$ on a GPU and seeing I am 16 this is a big investment for me, right now I am looking at some 7970s for 320$ (That's the lowest I've seen) and I was wondering, is now a good time to buy a 7970? Are we looking at a price drop soon or some better models for a similar price in the near future? Sorry I am kinda new to PC and I just wanted some opinions because you guys know better than me

Also, I'm not trying to be a hater but I never looked at Nvidia too much because they seemed kinda over priced : / but I will accept Nvidia reccomendations too just link me to a bench mark test on something such as BF3


Alright Thanks Guys!

Hey I have a brand new gygabyte 7970 I,m trying to sell for 300. Its an OC, Its still in the box never used. I just decided to go with aonther card. Let me know if your interested.


You can get a brand new 7970 for $300.

Were show its location??? mine is brand new.

Just give it an OC.

The HIS IceQ x2 7970 is 300 even on newegg. At least in the States. Im not sure where you are. The 7970 is a great card but we are getting close to a new card release so you need to decide if it is worth waiting or not.

Wait for the 9000 series.

My question is when will these new series come out and how much will they cost?