Any Good?

Which do you think is better for gaming?


Does Nvidia PhysX make a difference in games, it's the major reason why I'm leaning toward the 760, that and people say that their drivers are better, even though the 280x is better.

I mean gaming wise, the R9 280x has the better performance overall as it is basically a 7970(Some people say GHz edition) which already destroy the 760 for the price; The interest in getting a R9 280x now even though its the same price(or a little more) is that when the drivers really get optimize for them, the benchmarks on the R9 series cards will increase a good amount as we saw with the 7000 series before. Also it's newer and perhaps shinier than the 7000 series cards for basically the same price. =P win-win. 

Also if you have been following Zoltan on the site, nVidia isn't really playing ball in the Linux camp and with the steam OS(which is Linux based) coming out and gaming moving towards Linux, you may be better off with a AMD card overall. The only reason you may want to consider the nVidia card over the AMD is if you use programs like Adobe Premier and other programs that need CUDA. If you are just gaming, go AMD all the way. The price to performance is there, right now(also free games).

Wow, thank you.

PhysX is only useful in games that support it, with the introduction of the new Mantle API, I should expect the number of developers that want to develop in that should grow dramatically considering the similarities between that API and the ones used on the next generation of consoles. If you are looking at games or other software that uses OpenGL or can be made to use it, then go with AMD, their OpenGL performance is far, far better.