Any good?

Through together a quick build just wondering whatcha guys think.

What do you intend on doing?

Gaming, and maybe some Unity 3D


all I would do is switch to a 7950 or 7870 for ur gfx card


I would get the 7950 as well.. It will be faster than your 660ti in most cases and it costs about the same if not less. Plus the new drivers for AMD 7k cards are beast.  However I do know that the new Nvidia 310.54 BETA drivers are showing about a 16% - 18% improvement in the 600 line. 

It will really come down to preference.

With Nvidia you will have physx (used by games) and CUDA (used by some rendering programs).

With AMD you will have better multimonitor support.


Its a tough desicion and thank you for the benchmark page :D