Any good socket LGA775 CPU recommendations?

Does anybody have any reccomendations for a good 775 quad core?  I'd need one that's overclockable.

The Q9650. Although I will say for the price of getting your hands on a good one of these, you can get a new FX-8350.


Dang, the FX looks fast...  It's a real shame that I can't put it im my motherboard.  I may give the Q9650 a try.  Thanks for the feedback!

make sure that your intel 775 board supports the quadcore.. :) not every 775 supports core 2 quad out of box..

It does, I checked the manual and it says it will support up to six cores.  It's an Asus..  You can do anything with an Asus.  (Takes that literally and throws it in a lake)

For that price, you might as well just buy a nice 990FX board, and get an FX-8350 instead. It will give you much better performance for cheaper than the Q9650.