Any Good RPG Games?

I like WoW more as well(have played both of em).

guildwars is my favorite mmorpg of all time

it fused mmorpg with single player rpg
it was amazing
i loved every aspect of it and the difficulty
wow is to easy

I borrowed Mass Effect from a m8 a couple days ago and it is fukin sweet! im on my second playthrough, nearly completed again and im still not bored...and Mass Effect 2 has been delayed til 2010!!! i was upset =(

Oh well that's your opinion :]
Anyways, recently alot of players have started playing again, alot of improvements since launch.

Aaaaaand, you DO know that nothing beats moneyrace down the river?...

Meh. I've been meaning to re-try AoC but just haven't got round to it.

fucking diablo 2 dudes classic come on

Diablo 2 bores the hell out of me.... What's so great about it?