Any Good Recycle Shops in the DFW Area

After watching Level1's newest video i'm interested in doing something like this for my girlfriend's birthday, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good locations within the DFW area.

Thanks in advance

I doubt you'll be getting many replies... People probably don't want others to know about their stashes...

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Not only that, but what is the DFW area exactly?

Just go into google maps and type in "Computer Recycling Shop" and it should come up with some options near-ish to you. I found several less than 40 miles from me that I would never have guessed were there.

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Erecycler LLC
11067 Petal St, Dallas, TX 75238
They seem like a good bet. I have yet to visit but plan on doing so soon.,tx/browse/cataucs?catid=101

That is actually a good auction but it's all in Houston. The 960 Dells seem like a great bet for anyone living in the Houston area.

There is one locally here in Canada as well. There is probably one near you and one near @catsrock45

my bad, its the "Dallas Fort Worth Area" down in texas