Any good recommendations

hi im just wondering would a hd 7870 2gb handle 4800x900 or should i try and get a gtx 590/gtx 780

and i will have save up for a while i have all 3 screens which are 1 1920x1080 and 2 1600x900 screens and i just wondering should i keep my hd 7870 or just get a better gpu for that res

and my specs will be a amd phemon x6 1055t and i will oc the cpu


psu antec 620m psu

im trying to understand what you are saying.....asking if a hd 7870, gtx 590?? or gtx 780 will be best for a 3 monitor set up. and you have a 620w power supply?


if thats correct id go with a gtx 780. the way i see it a newer gpu with 3Gb ram should handle a 3 monitor set up with easy... and not sure if u meant you are wanting to keep your 7870 either way you cant sli/crossfire amd and nvidia.    I have a 780 in dual screen config at each screen 1900x1080 and its flawless

but would the gtx 780 be a bottleneckin my cpu?

but would the gtx 780 be a bottleneckin my cpu?

it may be a little but i dont think it will be... obviously its a different structure but it looks to me to be a predecessor to the fx series more on par with the fx6300 with just a slower clock speed. if there is any bottleneck it shouldnt be to much or not anything noticable

ok so gtx 780 wouldnt bottleneck i will be overclocking my cpu to like 4ghz hopefully the bottleneck will be reduced

The resolution it would be rendering would actually be 5120x1080. I'm not sure if a game renders across different resolution screens. 

Yes, the 780 would be a great solution for that, just bear in mind you won't be playing games on highest settings with all the monitors for gaming. 

As for the bottlenecking, maybe not very much of a bottleneck as the guy above me said.