Any good open wireless headphones?

Hay everyone!

I just joined this forum after watching all 3 of the "build your own headset" videos and I noticed that ALL of the headphones are corded.


I know that the sound quality is not the best you can buy with wireless headsets but are there any that you might be able to recommend?


I had been using the logitec h800 for the last 3 years or so until this past weekend when they broke. in my naivety I bought a pair of razer kraken 7.1s. I was blown away with how much better they sounded over my old h800s but they are uncomfortable and I cant hear whats going on around me. As a parent I've always got to have an ear out for whats happening around me. As you can guess a closed sound proof headset just wont work and now that I have heard how bad my old headset really was I don't think I can go back to something so shitty! Please help!


 P.S. I would like to stay under 150€ for the earphones =)


Sennheiser has quite a few wireless headphones that are great quality, but a little pricey. the RS 180 from Sennheiser is wireless and open back, and they are about 175€. You may be able to find them on sale for a little less. There is also the RS 185 from Sennheiser that launched this January, but much more expensive. 

For wireless headphone of good quality, there aren't many out there. From what I know only Sennheiser makes them.