Any good LAN co-op games?

My roommate and I like playing co-op campaign LAN games, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

Since we've played a lot of them already, I'm not holding out any hope of hearing of any great new ones, but I've got to try, since we're nearly done with our current run through borderlands 2...

So yeah, basically, anyone know of any good co-op games, of any genre, that follow at least a basic campaign line and has LAN support?

I have a LAN party group, these are what we have on our list. Let me know if you have any to add. Our internet is too slow for online coop so LAN is our only option

Warcraft 3

-Dota (WC3)

-Dawn of War 1 and 2

-Borderlands 1 and 2


-Age of Empires

-Starcraft Brood War

-Left 4 Dead 1 & 2



-Battlefield 2


-Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2

lol. We haveĀ  the same issue with our internet, too slow and too expensive (while our uni connection is free and slightly faster, but runs through a proxy, basically blocking all gaming traffic)

Anyway, thanks, yeah we've played all of those haha

Well not stuff like CS since in this case we're just two people, which is why we prefer the campaign based co-op. We have varying amounts of time after class, so sometimes we just pop in for one mission, other times we play the whole day, so we like games that can be played for just a short while but also don't get too samey after hours of play. (Dawn of War's campaign is lots of fun co-op)

If your LAN group gets together often and depending on how many you guys are, you can try

- Baldurs gate (?Enhanced?)

- Neverwinter nights (all)

- Diablo 2

- Torchlight 2

- Titan quest (Underlord mod)

These are all mostly similar and take a while to complete (since they're campaigns) but well worth the play

Yeah we have done a lot of torchlight, I forgot to add that one, we will def have to try out all those others!