Any good headsets?

Hello everyone at Tek Syndicate!

I have been living on a Gamecom 780 as my headset and recently came across some money. I believe it is time for an upgrade and am looking for a new headset. I have been recommended a pair of Astro A40s and am wondering if it would be a mistake to get those. Also one of the great features of my 780 is that the microphone is really good quality and I can use it for regular voice calls and game chat. The only decent microphone I own is on that 780 and I would hate to end up with a cheap one on my next headset. Does anyone know of any good headsets in the $100-$250 range that support and would preferably have...

  • A good microphone
  • 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound (I really need this for most FPSs)
  • Not be lacking in the ability to play music and media
  • Much more bass than my 780s
Should I go for a new soundcard and some cheaper headphones? Or some professional ones with a real microphone?
I don't really have too much experience in the audio field and currently have whatever soundcard is built into my ASRock Extreme 4.
What headset/headphones do you guys use?
What are your opinions on Turtle Beach/Astros? Are they cheap brand name or actual quality? I heard Sennheiser were reliable. Is this true?

Thanks for the help! 

*I will be using these for only PC gaming




I bought a pair of Tritton Pro+ headphones and they were terrible. Dolby Digital didn't want to enable on the decoder and all I could get was stereo. Any other ones anyone can recommend? 

I personaly like trittons, as they have good bass, and support 7.1 surround. Aswell as being almost as comfortable as they get. The Tritton 720+ headset has 7.1 and is powred by dolby, and for $150 they dont break the bank.!prettyPhoto 

i agree with MLA Toxicc he makes a great point and i use those Headphones aswell


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I have a pair of Tritton AX Pro's I'd sell you for 70 bucks shipped. They have really good sound quality (note: I am not an audiophile) and work with consoles and such. Considering they also have a toslink port they should work with next gen too.

Do your research first, I wouldn't want you to buy them and be disappointed because they weren't purple or something.

I have the Logitech G35. They are pretty comfortable and great sound quality too. Even though they only have digital 7.1 it still sounds very sharp.

I would recommend the audiotechnicha 700x's because they're great quality and at a great price. Sadly they don;t have a mic, but you can get a modmic or a desk mic.

Sorry 'bout the late reply. The Tritton Pro+'s caught my eye and i'm looking into them. Thanks MrOwl those might be the first actual "physical" surround sound speakers I found! Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it!


I just received the Tritton Pro+ 5.1 and they do NOT work with PC. The audio sounds worse than my plantronics and the decoder box doesn't seem to want to enable Dolby Digital. Any other headsets you could recommend?