Any good free alternatives to goodsync?

Hey guys, go easy on me this is my first post. So my company is currently using Goodsync to backup an end user's files to the cloud. I was asked to find any free alternatives that have similar reliability and features.

Any suggestions?

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Looking quickly to goodsync features I think you not going find a free software with all the features of goodsync but you might find free software with some os the features. I think you need to specify:

  • What features do you want ?
  • what OS does the software client/server needs to support ?
  • do want to run a the server where the files are going to be stored ?

The first thing is remote file management for end users since they work on Windows Server 2012 R2. But among other things, backup and synchronization are really important.

im not sure if it has the exact same features but have you looked at
its a great program that you can use over the internet i think once you set it up correctly

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Maybe something like seafile and nextcloud. Both allow you to host your own server (ou you can use their servers) and sync files with several clients.

I also suggest using a backup application (cobian or similar) to create archives of data folder of these applications on the server to another location in case of server crashes.

There is both Backula and Crashplan that can be done for free and there are paid cloud options as well. Both are open source.

I don't know about goodsync but I use syncthing in some ridiculous ways.

Syncthing. Albeit I have some privacy concerns about it (found some IPs that weren’t mine, apparently they are relay bridges that help connect your devices when they’re not on the same IP network). But it’s pretty good overall.

I personally just manually add stuff to/from my phone via PrimitiveFTPd and mount my phone via sshfs.

SyncThing is cross-platform, available on Linux, Android, Windows and I believe macOS.

Otherwise, if you like a challenge, you can use NextCloud, it’s a centralized cloud, a la Google Drive or Dropbox and it has a sync client for many OS, but like all centralized stuff, you need a dedicated box or VPS for it. SyncThing works just between devices.

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