Any good CPU heatsinks for a overlcock?

Hello Tek Syndicate,

Over the year or so I've had my PC it has been plenty fast and responsive, but i am really getting into this technology stuff and i wan to overclock my i5 3570k. I'm just going to use the OC Genie II which is like a 4.2 GHz OC. My dilemma is what CPU cooler i should get and for the longest time i want to get the Dark Night Hawk Night CPU cooler as i saw Logan's review. (

It has been out of stock though since about January. I would really appreciate suggestions!



which case do you have?

No. There are no good heatsinks. Us overclockers survive by pouring our chilled tears onto the chipset. Just kidding lol. Sorry I felt the need to be a sarcastic asshole for a moment. 

Onto your question. There are a variety of excellent coolers out there but we need to know some things first. 

Just like MisteryAngel said, we need to know what case you have. Certain coolers won't work with certain cases so that is important. 

How important is noise to you? Do you mind a louder cooler or must you have silence?


Do you care if it is a water cooled setup or would you prefer air cooling?

Give us that info and we'll be glad to help :)

If you want sexy looking:

Enermax ETS-T40:

If you want pure unadulterated heat dissipation:

Noctua NH-D14:

The nzxt havik 140 is also very good and I fully recommend it

I have a NZXT Phantom 410.

If you have any more build questions then here is my PC as it stands:

I second that on the NZXT Havik, very good cooler and a good price too. 

Noctua NH-D14 is 160mm of height, and just fits in the NZXT phantom 410.

Thats the best performing aircooler you probably gonne get for your case.

Grtz Angel ☺

Both the NZXT Kraken X40 and X60 are great coolers if an AiO liquid cooler is an option, the only problems are compatibility issues. The X40 has a 140mm radiator while the X60 has a 280mm.

Most NZXT cases should fit a Kraken X40 and a few fit the X60 without modification.

Check NZXT's site for compatibility charts.

The cooler you posted looks like a slightly rebranded EVO II.

I'm running a 3570k at 4.4ghz with an Evo II:

Probably the best price/performance you'll get with Air cooling IMO.  The noctua will run you twice that and I'd argue not give you 2x the performance.  My chip was stable over 4.4 but I couldn't keep the temps low enough for my comfort level.

I have 2 120's exhausting out the rear, a 240 on top and 2 120's in the front of my case too, so there is a lot of good airflow in general.