Any Good Antivirus?

I want a good antivirus that won't get in the way too much and  won't take over my pc. I'm using Nod32 on my old pc and i find it a bit annoying sometimes

Webroot is very light and I've seen it pick up the fbi virus 30 days prior to the virus activating

Microsoft Security Essentials is as light as it gets if thats what your going for, its improved alot since its inception.

Your brain.

Call me old fashion...I much prefer a little bit of common sense and a wipe disc (just in case) over anti-virus :P  

compitance.... its kept me safe for the past 5 years i have had my mashine.

MSE is very light as well and free so you got me there. I don't know why I forgot that one

avast: Simple, Clean, Like having a PC Guardian. Theres a 30 day trial and if you like it the price is what I'd call cheap because im used to paying $80 for my antivirus.

on my personal machines i use "common_sense.exe" (i can sell you a copy if you want), but i've used, my parents use, and have reccomended trend (micro, titnanium, whatever they're calling themselves today), it scans automatically (about 5 minues) every once and awhile, not at all obtrusive, and doesn't really use any resources

the only problem i've ever had with trend was it registered battleeye (anti-cheat for dayz/arma2) as a virus and kept deleting it everytime i tried to install it, but i figured out how it allow it after not to long

i use Avira Antivir free  good viruscanner, also AVG 2013 Free , or Avast antivirus.

Further it use spybot S&D for spyware, and malwarebytes anti malware free.

Antivirus - AVAST(Free) I've used it and it works extremely well.

Internet Security Suite(Antivirus/Firewall) - Comodo Internet Security Premium(Free) - Which is what i use.

On Demand Scanning- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware(Free) - Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta(Free) - I scan with both once a week.

And as many have said, You can't beat Common Sense.