Any fluent Russian speakers? I could use your help

Many, many years back I read a series of books that were originally published in Russian and subsequently translated to English for US distribution. I fell so much in love with the series that I contributed heavily to an indiegogo campaign to sponsor a translator to bring the rest of the series over.

Cut to several years later, my backer rewards eventually arrive. A signed copy of a book and THIS card:

I’ve spoken to a few people about getting a translation (friends, not professional services) and most of the responses were “I don’t know most of these words”. Google lens doesn’t know what to do with it. None of the translation apps I’ve tried have any idea what to do with it (in part due to difficulty with the gold lettering). I did ask the author about it and was greeted with a cheeky “Yes, it’s very profound” or something along those lines. C’mon!

So, if anybody could lend some insight into what is written here, I would be eternally grateful!

My Russian is a bit rusty, but it’s something along the lines of:

(disruptive or something) club of
Dmitri Rus guy

author’s autograph

Remember: you have an eternity ahead
of you, multiplied by
infinite possibilities.


You rock! Thank you.

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I guess it is :slight_smile: