Any fix from AMD for runts in crossfire?

This has to do with the issue of runts/microstuttering (whatever you want to call it) when high end ATI cards are used in crossfire.

I already own a reference sapphire 7970 and currently have a sapphire 7970 OC in the post. I trust AMD will fix it one day with a driver update but was wondering if anyone has heard of any news as to possible timeframes for a driver fix? (and yes I have googled around to find an answer but could not find any).

I am aware that Vsync can reduce the occurrence of runts in some games though not others, but that is not really a fix. 

simple there is no fix for that, it depens on drivers and always wil depent on that so gool luck with that

AMD have said that they are determined to fix it according to Anandtech! :)

I think they said roughly in June they were putting out a driver to address some of the issues.