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Any experience with the HP EX920?

I’ve been looking around for an NVMe SSD for my upcoming upgrade. Userbenchmark shows this as a pretty damn fast SSD for the money and comparing around it looks like that’s true.

It seems like it has comparable speeds to the 970 Evo but for a much lower price for a 1TB drive. It’s currently sitting under $100.

I’m a little worried about reliability because there are a few reviews mentioning DoA and early death but I haven’t found tons. Also I can’t seem to find many professional reviews.

Well its micron TLC with a 4gb ddr3 cache. Thats probably how it achieves its high ratings and once you exceed the cache it wont be that quick anymore. Like less than half the speed sustained of a 970 evo. Also HP doesnt make it, multipointe does.

Are their any other drives you’d recommend? If I can get 1TB at a reasonable price then I might be able to use it exclusively and finally ditch my spinning rust data drive.

I’m hoping to keep it under $200 and you can see that I was planning for around $100.

I mean, its not a terrible drive at that price but given the warranty issues and possible low quality, I probably wouldnt get it myself.

Something you might want to think about is if your workload really needs NVME. What are you using it for? NVME really isnt different from standard sata SSDs when you are just loading a bunch of random small files. You want to be reading or writing large files so you take advantage of the sequential speeds. If you’re just loading games or your OS off it, you wont see much difference in load times.

A 1tb 860 evo isnt a bad way to go.

I’d be using it as my OS and Data storage on my daily driver. I’d be using it for loading all my applications and games. Sometimes I do large compression tasks on a lot of files. I’m not sure how often I do large r/w.

I like keeping my options open so that if I have something come up, I don’t get heavily limited by what’s on hand.

My advice is that its not faster than normal sata once you get past the cache, which is one of the reasons its so cheap. An 860 evo is a tried and tested drive in a similar price point with performance that is still great.

If its what you want then go for it.

If it was my money and I wanted to be on the cheaper side…

this ticks all my boxes.

I tried using an HP EX920 and either I got a defective unit, or there was some incompatibility between both my Laptop and Desktop.

Honestly, stick with other things

I can vouch for ADATA as a brand, I’ve been using their SSDs for years. They always seem to be at the top of the price / performance chart. I have an SX8200 non-Pro, love it. Samsung is way too expensive IMO. Another possibly decent option for good prices is Intel. You won’t get top-notch speeds with a 1TB Intel 600p, but the price is right and it’s still quick enough. Also, you can get a 2TB version for $260CDN. That’s nothing to sneeze at.