Any Experience With Solus OS?


I have Windows 10 installed but I really don’t like it and looking for a new change. I came across this operating system Solus Budgie and Mate. The OS seems easy compared to Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. (I haven’t tested them much as they were heavy for my system).

Has any one running these operating systems? What is your review?

I use my laptop for browsing (heavy) as I use Google products like Docs & Excel, also I use ahem… streaming services.

Speaking of applications. Are these OS limited in apps?

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face::wave:

I have not tried Solus yet but I plan to try it out in the holidays, so I can’t comment on that yet unfortunately. (Maybe @Schyken our Solus missionary in residence can drop by) Up until now I have been using Fedora (I think for almost three years now) and I got everything to work without too much hassle (although I don’t need a lot of obscure stuff). With streaming and multimedia I had the best out of the box experience on the Ubuntu flavours.

I think it might be better the other way around. Tell us what applications or what kind of applications you need and we can tell you. Most web stuff works well on essentially all distros, you have to be a bit more specific regarding streaming services though.

I tried Fedora & Ubuntu and in both I couldn’t install wireless drivers as I didn’t know much about command shell. So I moved back to windows. Only Ethernet worked.

I see …
Not sure if other distros work better out of the box, driver and hardware related stuff is handled by the kernel if I am not mistaken. Maybe you can give us details about your hardware and we can help you out. (I can’t promise that I’ll be able to get back to you today, I’m a bit busy at the moment)

Sure, many thanks! :blush: . I have Dell Inspiron 15-3567 i3-core 8th Gen and a 4 GB ram:

I checked the wireless driver for updates and it showed Qualcomm. Forgot about the series/version

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Yes! I love Solus. When people say “Install it. Turn it on. It just works!” about Linux operating systems, I find that to be a bit of a stretch. However, with Solus, that was genuinely the case.

I was able to install updates, Google Chrome, NVidia drivers, Atom, WebStorm, and RubyMine, all through the software suite. No CLI interaction at all. The experience was smooth and buttery.

Setting up a development environment for C is a bit strange, you have to install some system.devel package which is basically groupinstall "Development Tools" on any RHEL family distro. Or, that’s how I took it, anyway.

That being said, if you’re just looking for a desktop experience with desktop applications and browsing porn, Solus is rock solid. I went a few months without updating, updated the other day and rebooted without a hitch. That’s unheard of (by me) for a Rolling ReleaseTM distro.

with ubuntu, fedora, and some other distros its a 2 step process to install the wireless
first you need to check for restricted drivers, then use the wicd manager to configure the interface, including adding the password to your wireless network.

to the OP solus is a decent distro i tried a while back (earlier version)
but I switched to peppermint .
If you want a distro thats out of the box works then Feren os or pinguy os
with pinguy you will need to do the 2 step process but its not very difficult and pinguy has a great forum.
feren os in new enough that they dont have a their own forum yet but have a discourse chat

Oh dev, you know how alien I am to this thing :sweat_smile::rofl:

How about the wireless drivers? Are these out of the box too?

Can you share some resource for it? I tried searching but I came up with technical command shell guides. I will try Feren OS once I’m over Solus :sweat_smile: I just want to try it but I’m not sure if I end up having no wireless drivers.

select restricted drivers first to see if it detects the wireless card.
if it does go to wicd manager and configure it.
in some cases if your wireless card has the atheros chip linux may not be able to use it.
I prefer a broadcom chip and have never had problems with it.

feren os, moon os, mint, mandriva, and suse distros usually detect and will use wireless cards easily
heres a couple links that may help

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I’ve been on Solus for about a year.

The main dev left the project recently so I’m still waiting to see how that shakes out, but it’s looking ok so far (packages and kernel are still updated regularly).

Otherwise, I’ve been happy with it as my Linux desktop.

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This. I just checked their website yesterday and there aren’t any updates on their blog since Nov 2.

BUT I still get regular updates to the system, so for now I don’t care too much. Admittedly, it does have me thinking about what I’ll switch to if they shut it down, but I’d still recommend Solus for now. I’m still using it.

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That would be Fedora for me.

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