Any disadvantages of buying a cracked copy of wwindows?

what are they i need to know cos im getting one in an hour or so. besides i cant buy an official one because too expensive

You're supporting RMS and the GNU licence. But other than that, you could face a heavy task of trying to crack the OS and nowadays it's becomming too unreliable to do so. A copy of an OEM version of Windows is dirt cheap anyway, unless you're that "empty-pocket".


yeah i guess youre right. 

Wait... "Buying" a "Cracked" copy? you mean a copied cd and a key?

Disadvantages to buying a cracked copy of windows? You mean as opposed to buying a legit copy or pirating?

Well... your disadvantage to pirating is that you could of got it for free.

yes i mean not  a legit copy. what are the disadvantages ? and can i play online games like TF2 on it ? thanks in advance

The disadvantage to buying a cracked copy is just that, Buying it!

You can get it free by download.

Yes you can play all your games and it does everything the same equivilent copy would do.

It does come with a cd key right? i would assume with a copy that someone may have used the key already in which case you would have to use daz loader or something or not get windows updates.

I don't endorse or support pirating, but depending on where and how you got the cracked version, it acts in the same manner as a legitimate copy.  Be wary.  I'm sure some people include more than just the software you are seeking with these cracked copies.  Furthermore, why would you buy a cracked copy?  If you're low on cash and can't afford an offical license, at least make an effort to learn how to do it yourself.  Then, once you've acquired the cash, go buy the real thing.

And I would really love to be in the same position as someone who can define $100+ as being "dirt cheap".

the thing is i dont own a computer other than the one im currently building so i cant make one. im talking to you guys now via android which is my phone

pirate os's are bad news. can be infested with a lot of malware and you will never know.

if you want a free os, use a linux distro.

If you do it right theres no disadvantage. Though every once in a while Microsoft rolls out a servuirty update desaigned to weed out illegal copies of windows. Even then, all it does is remove your background and say in the corner " this copy of windows is not legal" or something like that. I've seen it happen a few times.

However if your paying anyone for a non legit OS or ANY software for that matter. Please, kick them in the balls.One of the major issues with piracy is just people selling bootleg's and doing so only proves they can't handle the real world at all.

It's like charging a friend for a copy of The Avengers you downloaded from the high seas. It's just a dick move.

What you should do op is get a linux cd sent out for a few bucks and install that to get you up and running. Then once you know what your doing buy a blank cd and pirate it yourself.

thanks for the advices guys. im gonna save up for an OEM :)

Good choice. When you buy a motherboard and CPU most sellers will sell you a legit OEM copy of windows. You should take that option.

Don't buy a retail copy as they are very expensive and only worth it for a regularly rebuilt PC - even then though you can get MS to reactivate the machine.

^^yeah thats how i got my cd i asked the computer shop when i went in to buy a cpu and some ram, said i lost my windows cd but still had the key he asked me what version, i told him then he threw me a windows 7 64bit cd for free

lucky ! i got my cpu and motherboard 3 weeks ago :/