Any decent C# books?

Hello there,

So I've spent a significant amount of time on learning Python and C. I read a few books on them, and got some experience using both by solving some problems on Project Euler. Although I like the speed you have with C, it's not exactly convenient to write desktop applications with. And to be honest, Python is just plain too slow to my liking. So I figured I'd take a look at C# since I'm on a Windows platform.

Oh boy, what a mess the resources are. I've checked several places including things like the /r/learnProgramming and /r/csharp subreddits and a few stackoverflow posts as both websites usually provide me with ample and decent resources to choose from. But this time, the best resource they recommended was the MDSN page from Microsoft about the topic pointing to a few tutorial style projects and a couple of fundamental intro video's that just put me to sleep because they describe everything to you like you don't know how to save a file or run a compiler.

I really like learning from books, reading just allows you to do stuff at your own pace. I haven't found a decent book that teaches C# for people that already have some programming experience. Something along the lines of JS the good parts by Douglas Crockford. That's the style I prefer really. I know that's a long stretch cause that book is pretty much considered the JS bible, but still.

Does anyone have any good recommendations or some backstory on how they learned C#?

Thanks for helping!


Here is the C# section from

**.NET (C# / VB / Nemerle / Visual Studio)
C# Essentials
C# Programming – Wikibook
C# Yellow Book (intro to programming)
Charles Petzold’s .NET Book - Zero
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C#
Entity FrameworkMoving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Nemerle (PDF)Threading in C#Visual Basic EssentialsVisual Studio Tips and Tricks (VS 2003-2005 only)Under the Hood of .NET Memory Management (PDF) (RedGate, By Chris Farrell and Nick Harrison)
Practical Performance Profiling: Improving the efficiency of .NET code (RedGate, By Jean-Philippe Gouigoux)
.NET Performance Testing and Optimization – The Complete Guide (RedGate, By Paul Glavich and Chris Farrell)**

Not all are fully available and most are web books but its a start.


Hey man, thanks a lot! These look pretty nice. Didn't think about Github having these resources as well. Come to think of it, it's actually a pretty suitable location.