Any Daft Punk fans? what do you think of the helmet I made?

So a mate of mine is having an "Around the world" theme 21st Birthday and we have to dress up, so i make a Daft punk Manuel helmet...


I would love to here some feed back from you guys, or suggestions to make it better.


It's... So beautiful

Awesome! What materials did you use and do you have some pics showing the making of it?

Always liked Guy's helmet, made one in a ceramics class back in high school.

(didn't come out exactly perfect, but it fits on my head lol)

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Basically just Card from a craft stores, and the visors is made from a few old motorcycle helmet visors. LED's and electrical stuff for that and the blue light is EL wire. i was too excited to take photos while though the build...

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looks like a little body filler would smooth out some of the seams. SEM has a product called Bumper Bite. it spreads easy, sands nice, and cures quickly.

As a Daft Punk fan, awesome stuff mate. Not perfect, but nothing ever is. Pat yourself in the back. How long did it take you to make it and what motivate you do it?

I have always liked Daft Punk, and I thought it couldn't be too hard to make a helmet, it took around 5 days close to 20 hours of work.

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