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Any chips support Linux 802.11ax (WiFi 6) in Hostap mode?


I need to put a new network card in my router (current only can only do n and doesn’t work in AP mode). I thought I’d try and future proof with Wi-Fi 6/ax. Are there any current chips that support 802.11ax in hostap mode? I know some Intel cards support ac, but they don’t work as access points (last time I tried).



Nope, still early for that; looking at history with 802.11ac - maybe in 2020?

Even with ac, from a usability/price perspective, you’re probably likely better off getting a ubiquiti nano hd or some such similar AP (which is basically a separate Linux box with its own kernel and drivers maintained by a vendor so you don’t have to, and running hostapd across two interfaces and hardware has plenty of antenna power tuning and kernel performance tuning).



Cisco has Wifi 6 APs

a wifi card for your router? like a PFsense router or something? i was always curious if the wifi cards in those could act like a real AP. Of course most just use APs.