Any Cherry MX Browns Under 100$?

I would love to get a mechanical keyboard in cherry mx brown, however I need one with dedicated volume control buttons and number pad. Anyone know of any?

Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid/Stealth.

I have the Rapid. They are both the same except the Stealth has "ninja" keycaps.

No number pad or volume control though : /

Volume control can easily be solved by using something like AutoHotkey.

I personally use the MX blue version, and I love it.  Best keyboard I have ever used.

No volume control/complete numb pad : /

I don't understand.  There is a volume control.  Press FN + F9, F10 or F11 to respectfully mute, decrease or increase volume.

And this keyboard has a complete num pad.  If anything, it's more complete than other keyboards because it includes a 00 key.

Actually the QuickFire line does have volume control on the F10-12 keys (I'm using a Stealth right now) and if you get a Quickfire XT you'd get your numpad. They all under $100 and frequently go on sale for way less.

i just ordered a rosewil brown mx keyboard for about 70 bucks

The Cherry MX brown keyboards from Cherry itself (the German company that makes the switches) are about 55 EUR incl. VAT, that means that they are definitely sub 60 USD across the pond.