Any cheap 2400 Mhz ram around?

I am currently building my first PC and have everything bought, but the ram. Here is my current list of parts:


I am wondering if there is any good 16gb, 2400 mhz ram for around $160.

What will you be using this computer for?

Theres no real reason to go above 1600/1866 for gaming UNLESS you're using an APU

I just got 1866 and OCed it to 2300 so far by just changed the bus speed.

Yes; G.Skill Trident X 2400mHz, CL10, 1.65V memory in 8GB sticks.

Yeah. No need for super high ram unless you're using an APU. It will only increase your FPS by like 5 for an extra 20-50$. Plus, most cheap 2400 sticks run extremely hot.