Any changes i should make?

Case: Cooler Master Storm Series Trooper

Motherboard:Asus Maximus V Formula

CPU: i5-3570k

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB


PSU:SeaSonic650W X-650(free with the 680) or Cooler Master 625W EXTREME 2 POWER

Storage: WD 500GB Caviar Blue

SSD: Sandisk Extreme 120GB




I would get an SSD, if this is just a peer gaming rig nothing really needs to be changed. Mobo is a bit overkill for most things. But if you got the money, i am not one to judge.

yea the mobo is kinda overkill i know ill get the SSD if i manage to find another 90$ but i have trouble choosing the PSU and the GPU the 7970 is cheeper but the GTX 680comes with a Free PSU

Its all goooood


What power supply does the GTX680 bring? Can you gives a link to it?

the free PSU is there its the seasonic 650W

Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 195W

Minimum System Power Requirement (W)6 550W


I would get that free psu then. Also downgrade the mobo to a Asrock Extreme 4 Z77 board, and get the SSD.

i have heard of the Asrock Extreme 4 but it is not available where im going to buy these parts i live in a country where there are extremely few people who build there own PC so the only store that sells parts here dont sell a big range of parts

That is a hard decision to make, what games are you planning on playing? Here take a look at how the cards do in different games :

My apologies i missed the psu name in your first post, my money is on the GTX680 mainly because it plays the games i like at better fps. Either card will be a monster and compete with each other well.

wow thanks ill get the GTX 680 if the offer i still available if not ill get the 7970 because its cheeper

Dont forget considering a GTX 670. Cheaper, draws less power but when overclocked can perform as good as an 680 or even faster. Plus, the 670 scales better when in SLI configuration