Any canadians looking for high capacity drives?

Not entirely sure if this is legit, but that is an absolute steal of a deal. I’ve also been seeing 10TB Seagate externals for $220 CAD regularly at bestbuy, and afaik, Seagate only has CMR drives in 10TB, and these drives often come with Pro tier drives inside for some reason. I got an Ironwolf Pro 10TB out of a Seagate Expansion, apparently the same model can also contain Baraccuda Pro and sometimes even Exos drives. They have another seagate external up for sale now at the same price, nicer enclosure but idk what drives are in it.

Seems like hdd prices might be due for a drop soon, and these are some early signs.
Best buy deal, I don’t see as many people shucking these though. They might just all be barracudas, but they might be like the Expansion 10TB and contain anything from Barracuda Pro to Exos drives.

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Aren’t the Skyhawks shingled?

Edit: apparently not, only some of the Skyhawks are

Out of stock T.T

Not really into the backup plus line as I don’t know what is under them.

You can guarantee it’s a 3.5" Seagate drive that’s not shingled, because they don’t make any other drives in that capacity.
Aside from that, it is a gamble. It’s either Barracuda Pro, Iron Wolf, Iron Wolf Pro, or Exos. Possibly a Skyhawk AI, but I’ve not heard of it so far from shucking.
I guess the worst case is Barracuda Pro, which is still… 300+ cad?

I wonder if it was a pricing error that got fixed. No drive shipped yet.

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