Any body play with HIGHPOINT SSD7505

Hi all
excited to be receiving my highpoint ssd7505 card one of these days, has anybody here played with one yet ?

though initially my performance may be “limited” as im going to run it on a more legacy system namely an intel s2600 server board (pcie 3.0) with dual xeon e5’s… but future upgrade path includes
a dual amd epyc milan system which is pcie 4.0 based etc etc

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For me, I never found a particular advantage in those cards. What is the problem they are solving? We have 50$ add-in cards that provide 4x M.2 slots in a x16 card, partly dumb, partly officially supporting Intel and AMD CPU RAID compatibility.

I’d rather configure the drives in software and pick and choose feature sets I need.

Don’t underestimate PCIe 3.0, an x16 slot can still provide 16GB/s of bandwidth and will do just fine for anything other than pure sequential reads.

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To my knowledge, two reasons - Windows and Intel:

  • Windows can’t boot from dynamic disks or storage spaces(which is your only options for RAID on individual NVMe devices). Apparently there are some hacks, but Microsoft’s advice is: “If you want to mirror the volume from which Windows boots, you might want to use a hardware RAID controller”
  • PCIe bifurcation is very hit-and-miss on Intel platforms. Technically Xeon {E5/E7, W-2xxx, W-3xxx, SP} support it, but needs motherboard and firmware support. Sometimes it is locked-down behind the “VROC” “feature” which needs an additional dongle to unlock.

I use AMD and ZFS on Linux, so as much fun as those Highpoint cards look, I’ve never needed one.

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That’s a really good reason. We’re not at the point yet where every x16 slot has fancy bifurcation settings in the BIOS, let alone on older hardware.

But I probably rather buy a proper board or boot over iSCSI (oh these niceties we get with server boards!) before getting a RAID card to compensate for these deficits.

Not the highpoint but just ordered the Sonet 4x4 NVME carrier and 4x 2TB 980 PRO NVME

should be here in 2 days and might give an update on how it goes and see if we can compared the perf

I have one of Highpoint’s 4x m.2 pcie 3.0 cards think it was the SSD7204, no issues over the last 2 years on an x99 platform with no bifrucation support.
Here is how it shows up in the device tree

When I go to add more SSD storage to this machine I will pickup one of the 8x m.2 cards to replace this one and an older adwits one I got off amazon.

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