Any better for the money?

I am building a PC for my friend as he is moving from console to PC.

This is what I have come up with. All the custom parts are needed. 

If there is anything better please tell me as the parts are going to be bought this week.


opss didn't realize you needed the custom parts :3 but couldn't you just get a cheap mouse and keyboard bundle and get a better pc at first so you would have to upgrade sooner, just a suggestion.But including the custom parts that's as much your gonna get for that price.

get dual channel ram 2x4gb is going to be better then 1x8gb unless you are planning on 32gb of ram.

Luke's build did not include peripherals. Both builds need to have 2 4gb sticks of ram in dual channel. I do think that you could get the peripherals for less than 140 though. Also, instead of the gigabyte motherboard, replace it with an asus m5a78-l. Rest looks solid

My friend choice on peripherals. Also forgot to mention that price includes the postage from ordering which is £15.

Also will this PSU be good enough?

Oh yes before I forget. Should I save £20 and get a reference cooler version of the GTX 760? Noise is not a major issue but I have seen that a reference card loses performance? Is this true? Also in a Cooler Master Elite 120 would a reference design cooler be better?

Ok, I will get dual channel RAM. Also what makes the Asus board better? I have seen people get 4.5GHz overclocks with the Gigabyte board and it has all the features my friend will use. 

That PSU should do the job just fine.

A blower style cooler(e.g. reference nVidia, some HIs coolers) is usually optimal in small cases such as the CM Elite 120.  The builds here won't work in an Elite 120, though.

As with performance loss due to the cooler, that's pretty much false for most nVidia solutions.  Overclocking on a reference cooler will not get you as far as a third party cooler, yes, but at stock speeds the reference should perform just as well as other cards with third party coolers running at stock.

I was thinking about spending a little extra and getting an i5 to put in a mini itx case like the CM Elite 120.

if you can afford it, i would do it, a mini-itx system, is realy handy for traveling arround.

What is your complete budget?

£700 including all the peripherals.


That actually does look pretty good.

If I had to be picky, I'd go with 1600mhz RAM, but 1333 should work just fine in games.  You probably wouldn't even notice a difference.

looks good only change the memory for 1600mhz modules.

and i would personaly change the motherboard for the Asus H87i-plus because it has more feutures, like more sata ports,

I think i'll stick to the H81 board as it has everything he needs. Also I will be going with Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600. 

Should I get a blower style GTX 760 for that case?

I would, but if budget is a problem and the blower coolers are more expensive, then the Asus DCU2 cooler will work just fine.