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Any benefits of owning Xbox One for a PC user?


So what If I hook up the X to a 1680 x 1050 monitor? What happens then?


You know… I’d honestly get a Day 0 Nintendo Switch and pick up an SX Pro kit. Most of the XBox One games can be played on PC with the exception (or most notable exception… AKA the only reason I have to get one) being Red Dead Redemption 2.

Now, to anyone that’s going to attach me for recommending hacking a Nintendo Switch, you can do much more than run games illegally through emulation and crap. You can back up your save files natively, mount external hard drives for playing games, and rip the physical copies of games you OWN over to your Switch for convenience.

So, what benefits does a Switch have?

  • Unlike your PC, the Switch is mobile. You could play Skyrim on a bus to freaking work. Enough said. Other consoles don’t have that flexibility.
  • Nintendo’s library of games is unique. I’m going to get so much flak for this, but unlike a lot of AAA games, Nintendo doesn’t rebrand the same shit over and over again. For instance, Assassin’s Creed=Batman=the new Spiderman game on the PS4… or well at least they all feel very similar. But that’s my opinion.
  • Broad range of controller support. You can use anything from a Dual Shock 4 to an NES style controller. It’s crazy.
  • HUGE library of indie games. This isn’t a pro for everyone, but the quality of those games is insane.
  • (Possibly) longer support. Nintendo doesn’t use Sony’s or Microsoft’s release cycle. The Switch is fairly recent. I’d imagine we’ll see at least another 3 years of support.
  • Large modding community. So long as you don’t do sketchy crap like dabble with the Homebrew store then you’ll be fine. I can’t wait to see what they are able to do with the Switch.
  • More fun games??? Fight me lol. I remember playing Super Mario Bros on the Wii with my siblings. Probably the most fun I ever had with a video game. I heard a new 2D Mario is coming out on the 11th of January and I can’t wait to get it. Same goes for Animal Crossing and Zelda BOTW (which I haven’t played yet).
  • The joycons. For a lot of games, you can take both of them off and play with another person using what’s technically only one remote. There’s also add one you can get so it resembles a Wii remote. It makes local multiplayer really easy.
  • Nintendo gives a shit about hackers. Make the wrong move and they’ll ban your ass. Can’t say that about many other companies. Makes the game experience that much better when you don’t have people flying around the map and clipping into rocks for protection.
  • Did I mention playing Skyrim on the bus?

So yeah… It’s a pretty badass console. I don’t own one yet but will in a couple weeks. Everything I’ve mentioned I’ve picked up from watching reviews and crap.

We own a One X and it’s nothing special. Much prefer my PC. The XBox just doesn’t have enough to justify it over one.

Oh, and one thing to keep in mind is if you use a laptop for mobile gaming like I do, then the Switch would be a much more cost effective ailment to that and could save you a lot of money in that department


To add, the Switch is a lot better when it comes to being social with people as well. With games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, and soon to be released Smash Ultimate.


As long as your screen is 16:9 ratio, the resolution of your TV doesn’t matter. At 1680x1050 which is basically 16:9, the PS4 Pro will just render games at 1080p regardless, unless 4k SSAA is forced in the system settings. Xbox One X will render 4k into a 1680x1050 (effectively downsampling) regardless. This all works seemlessly because all consoles render at a 16:9 ratio.


Hmm, my monitor is 16:10 tho. Wonder if it will make a difference.


I didn’t ask for anyone’s advice on which console to buy. I’ve never owned an Xbox and this is clearly the best time to own one as it’s three consoles in one. I don’t want a PS4 or Switch, both fucking suck. I’ve owned all Nintendo and PlayStation consoles until the 8th generation, I have zero interest. I’m interested if there are any practical uses when it comes to connectivity to a Windows 10 PC; which I am willing to upgrade to if it’s of any use.


The only thing that comes to mind would be this then:
The only downside is you are locked into the Windows store.


If you subscribe to UFC Fight Pass, there is a native application for it on XBox.


Do all of the Xbox ones allow 4k blu-ray playback or just the newer ones?


Pretty sure XBOX one games can be run on PC through the XBOX app now?

I’d say about the only advantage is that it is a certified platform for XBOX games that looks reasonably swanky when sitting in your TV cabinet in the living room.

But if you have a reasonably potent gaming PC, you can run pretty much anything on that…


I’m not sure about the older ones. You should be able to look up the specs of a Xbox One S to find out.


I will say this. Looks like the Xbox version of some games, seems to be cheaper! So you could get the game on PC for cheaper that way maybe?

I’d say that is a benefit if there was any.


You need windows 10 to stream Xbone games to your computer.