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Any benefits of owning Xbox One for a PC user?


Thinking about getting an XB1X for the holidays. Anything neat outside of games I could do with it. Or something more complex potentially that I can do with it? I have a Windows 7 PC, no 10 yet. Probly not for at least 4 more years or so when I build a new system.

Can I tether it somehow to my PC? Ideas?

I really don’t know.


If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.


The biggest draw in my opinion is 4k playback of physical media. So you would be able to play ultra hd blu-ray discs if you have a 4k TV or plan on getting one in the near future but don’t want to depend solely on streaming content from the internet. Also, any game that’s part of their play anywhere program only has to be bought once and you get a pc version and an xbox version.

I’ve been thinking about picking up a console for the living room during a holiday sale since I have a 4K HDR TV but I can’t decide on which one. The PS4 has some exclusive titles that I would like to play but the XB1X is more powerful and can play at native 4k resolution without up-scaling the image.


The XboneX is much faster than the PS4 Pro, but it isn’t capable of playing most modern games at 4k either. It uses tricks to get there like the PS4 Pro, it just needs less of them. Checkerboard rendering, dynamic resolution, etc. These tricks actually look pretty good, but they aren’t true 4k.

Anyway to answer the OP, nothing to do with your windows 7 PC, but if you upgrade to win10 you can stream Xbox games to your PC. It’s also a pretty good streamer box for netflix, youtube, etc, and can play blu-rays.


I use it for youtube, netflix, hulu, plex. I think I might have played minecraft for about 30 minutes. But in my house, the only reason I ever bother touching it is for media playback in the living room.

Youtube is super nice if you have little kids, because mine will watch nursery rhymes most of the day. Netflix for Moana and Trolls. Hulu w/ Live TV for NFL games, and Plex for pretty much everything I want to watch.


Exclusives, netflix if you don’t already have smart tv or netflix box. main reason i bought a ps3 phat was for exclusives.



“Need”? Da phuq? I’m getting it for games, of course. Just wondering if there are any benefits/connectivity for a PC.

Could I back up data with it? Could I connect my PC to it via Ethernet cable.

The first thing i’m interested in playing before anything else is definitely Halo: Master Chief Collection. The whole purpose of me getting one is that i’ve never owned an Xbox before. I’ve always been mindful of the exclusives and always wanted to play the signature game; Halo.

I don’t know why the hell someone mentioned the Sony Piece of Shit 4, but whatever. Gave up on Sony after the Sony Piece of Shit 3. Backwards compatibility now featured; in the form of a giant middle finger! Wanna play those old games on your shelf? Buy them again, cocksucker! WOO!

Anyhow, on a sidenote. I find it hilarious how they go for the low 2Ghz range for CPU clock speed. 2.3GHz. WHAAAA? If it was in the mid 2 range, 2.6 or 2.8 i’d say that’s reasonable. I know with 8 cores it’s easy to scale performance. But still… 2.3GHz? Odd.

And what about Gears of War? Talked to a Gamestop employee and he told me every new copy of Gears of War 4 has all three previous games included? I looked it up and apparently it was only for a limited time if you bought a new copy.

What about the Gears of War Ultimate Edition? Is that the Gears Anthology? I wanna catch up on Halo first and foremost. Then Gears of War.

Random; went to Walmart, saw multiple new, sealed copies of GTA San Andreas for $19.96 on 360… DA PHUQ?


I don’t have to use my pc.


Shame you are giving sony a pass this gen

As an owner of an xbox one x, ps4 pro and fairly decent pc, most of Sony’s exclusives are amazing

Currently ms’s only saving grace is gamepass + it’s awesome back compat.


I like that the gawes I wanted to play 4 years ago are now 10 butks for xbox one.


What exclusives? Kratos Goes to the Norse Pantheon? Very creative. Not to mention typical Mickey Mouse Hack and Slash.

Uncharted? :rofl: AKA the “game” that’s not a game at all. Interactive movie garbage.

I’m just looking at the top selling games for the PS4. And basically, in short; it’s not PlayStation. Like, at all. I immediately question the credibility of supposed gamers who don’t notice common sense. Been an owner of everything since the beginning, pretty much. Had a PSOne, PS2 and E01 PS3. But w/e. I’m not going to argue. I’ve been pointing out logic since about 2006 and I could give two fucks. Do what you want. Last time I checked, Xbox still has Halo.


So can I not do anything else? Any type of connectivity to PC? Wired or wireless?

  • Spiderman kicks arse
  • God of war is still an excellent game,
  • Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best games I have played in my life

Looking forward to:

  • Last of us 2 (first one was epic on the ps3).
  • Days gone

As an owner of everything my opinions are unbiased

I am not trying to argue, you obviously dont like sony and that’s fine, I just couldnt let it pass when you asked ‘what exclusives’.


I forgot what it is called. But you can stream games from your console to your pc. That feature is windows only tho.

This is also cool.

if you do get an Xbox. Add meh. My live is Electricaudi.


If you really want to try out 4k on the cheap, I guess Xbox One X makes kinda sense. I mean my PC probably won’t be able to run RDR2 4k natively like the Xbox One X, so that’s a reason for you maybe.


Yes-- RDR2 is one of very few games that does run natively at true 4k on the XboneX.


That means R* has made strides in their engine in terms of coding closer to the metal. That means, we could see a potential DX12 API support for the PC version.


It’s a remarkable technical accomplishment. RDR2 is a great looking game while the XboneX’s GPU is roughly the speed of a RX-580 and its CPU cores are extremely slow, comparable to Atoms.


It really is, Digital Foundry’s analysis of it is really eye opening.



Well I sure as hell don’t have a 4K display. That’s something i’ll get down the line. I’ve been using an HP W2007 since 2009. And I honestly don’t know if I should buy a cheap display like the ASUS VZ239H and use that for both my PC and XB1X or if I should stick with the admittedly awkward 1680 x 1050 display.

UGH… Doesn’t have 2 HDMIs. I’m using a VGA to DVI adapter on my PC.

I can get that monitor for $76 USD… Might be worth it, huh? But then there’s the problem of audio. UGH… Using my Creative A250s on my PC. But then there’s the problem of giving the console audio.


Yeah, I knew from the get-go, the 8 cores automatically didn’t sound right to me for a console. It was clear from the start that it was the EASIEST way they could scale performance. A little disappointed it’s not running at 2.5-2.8 GHz. But oh, well… The base console is running at 1.75. SHEESH! We’re talking Mobile territory there.

But now that we’ve touched on it, I can’t help but think about how much of an indication that is in regards to how much processor you really need. I have a relatively modest i5 6500 in my PC. And i’m pleasantly surprised to see a game like Witcher 3 being run with a damn 1080 Ti with what looks to be NO bottlenecking?

And I really did think about just getting the S as it’s cheaper. But they really wanted to go the extra mile. Microsoft put so much dedication into this thing that as a hardware guy, you have to admire what was accomplished. Incredible, actually. And the X is SMALLER?! I never knew that?!

WHAAA? WOW. Bonus points for that.

And going back to @Giulianno_D I read that even at sub-4K resolution there are benefits to the X. I am just in no position to be buying a 4K display now. And defo no @ Red Dead. Any multiplatform games, or predominantly PC games; that’s what I have my PC for.

EDIT: ALMOST FORGOT. Does the console KNOW what resolution is being set? Does it intelligently change? The PS3 knew literally 3 resolutions, if I remember correctly. 640 x 480, 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080. That’s it…


Digital Foundry says Xbox One X will always render the game at its highest resolution possible. PS4 Pro games, however, will discriminate between a 1080p screen vs 4k screen and will render the game accordingly, unless, SSAA is forced in the PS4 Pro’s system setting.