Any benefit of going with two DIMMS vs 4 DIMMS in a desktop PC?

Going with 32GB in my system and I was wondering if I should go with 2x16GB or 4x8GB? Any benefit of going with 2 stick besides more room to upgrade?

If you’re gonna OC your ram, 2 sticks will help you reach reach higher speeds since less sticks means less stress on the memory controller. For stock it doesn’t really matter all that much.

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Makes sense. Thanks.

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Depends on the platform is this intel or AMD ?

And you can sometimes see some memory bandwidth improvements using Dual Ranked RAM modules vs. Single Ranked.

You have to check the specs on the memory modules to confirm if it is using dual or single ranked configs.

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AMD X470 Chipset.

Which motherboard specifically and what speed are you targeting? Some of those are parallel (T-topology) and some are series (daisy-chain). 4 sticks works better with parallel while 2 sticks is better with series. You can check what yours is in the manual or on this AM4 spreadsheet

Having said that, 2 sticks will pretty much always perform better (attain faster overclock) than 4, but I think that only really makes a difference at the higher end of overclocks (4000+)

Thanks for the link.


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